sober living

Sober living is an important step in the recovery journey. It helps ease the transition from intensive treatment into daily life. When you are willing to commit to six months of residing in a sober living facility and to comply with the rules, it’s a safe and healthy way to maintain stability in your newly abstinent and rewarding life.1

One great benefit of sober living is having all the services you need right in your community. Group meetings, individual counseling sessions and relapse prevention programs are all available, as well as age-specific programs.


A sober living apartment is a turn-key solution. You’ll live in a safe and secure apartment setting with comfortable amenities. A fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable living room and bedroom furniture and fresh linens are all provided. Your fully furnished apartment comes with cable and a flat screen TV as well.

Other convenient amenities include a washer and dryer, so you can get back into a routine of caring for your clothes. You’ll also be close to shopping and dining, so you can venture out for the items you need or enjoy a delicious meal. There’s also high speed internet for work or for simply keeping in touch with family and friends.


Keeping up with your exercise and recreational activities to maintain your physical health is easy and convenient. The community offers a gym, swimming pool and tennis courts. These recreation areas are also great places to get to know the like-minded men who are there for the same reason you are: to maintain abstinence while working toward a new future. Many of the social bonds made during sober living can last a lifetime.2

When you choose a sober living complex in a warm climate like the southeastern U.S., you’ll enjoy the sunshine and beautiful temperatures that encourage you to go outdoors and enjoy it. An invigorating walk or run to release endorphins is a positive and healthy way to spend time.


There are reasonable requirements needed to maintain the safety and compliance of all residents. They include attending all groups sessions and meetings that apply, following your aftercare treatment and requirements, willingness to be drug tested randomly and having a job or attending school or performing service work.

It’s a Busy and Rewarding Life

Sober living will be days filled with activities and evenings where you can relax, enjoy your fellow residents’ company and sleep in a safe and clean environment. If you are feeling negative emotions that might challenge your sobriety, there are counselors on staff to help. Each sober living complex has certified addiction counselors on staff. You will also have convenient access to specialists like a certified clinical supervisor, certified grief recovery specialists and certified anger management specialists.

By having specialists in recovery working with you on a daily basis, as well as other support services and amenities, your transition from addiction treatment into aftercare sober living is made easier and more fulfilling. While building back your confidence by working, attending school or volunteering, the encouragement and support from your fellow residents and counselors will give the tools you need to step off sober living after six months and back into independent living.



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