Sober Living

Relapse rates associated with substance addiction can be quite shocking. As many as 60 percent of people addicted to alcohol or drugs will relapse after addiction treatment. Spending time living in a sober living community can minimize the risk of relapse and help sufferers along their path to long-term recovery. For people in recovery, life in a sober living community offers a wide array of benefits that support sobriety and healthy lifestyles.

A Setting Free of Drugs and Alcohol

One of the biggest benefits of life in a sober living community is its drug- and alcohol-free setting. Sober living communities are governed by rules and regulations. Staff members work hard to maintain a safe and healthy environment for those in recovery. Curfews and drug screenings help to keep people walking along their path to long-term sobriety. Addiction sufferers also have the opportunity to practice skills learned in rehab to ward off cravings and other triggers that led them to abuse drugs or alcohol. 1

Counselors and Group Meetings

Today’s sober living communities feature programs run by addiction specialists and counselors. Weekly meetings provide addiction sufferers with the ongoing support they often need to ward off relapse.2 Counselors can also help people as they cope with their specific issues that may arise. Meetings are designed to enhance important skills that can help them prevent relapse.

Like-Minded Peers

Many people living in sober living communities enjoy being around others who are battling the same disease. Living with other addiction sufferers allows people to learn from each other and provide support for one another.

These peers can often develop into friendships and a major support system. Outside of the sober living community, many people may not be aware of the difficulties associated with addiction, but each member of the community is aware of the challenges. Together, addiction sufferers can help each other along their recovery journey.

Smooth Transition

Leaving rehab straight to one’s former living situation can be extremely challenging. A sober living facility offers a smoother transition back to one’s everyday life. Within its safe setting, addiction sufferers can practice their life skills and get used to a sober lifestyle. The facility’s structured programs offer a framework for a sober life, and it’s a structure that they can partly mirror when they leave.

Prevent Boredom

Boredom can prove to be a challenge for many people recovering from addiction. Boredom allows a person to dwell on cravings or negative emotions. Activities, on the other hand, provide a great alternative to boredom. People may learn new life skills or learn how to better cope with triggers. They also have less time to think about cravings or to miss elements of their former life.

Sober living communities offer many benefits for people recovering from addiction. Those outlined here are just a few of the positive benefits that come from living in a sober living community. If you are suffering from a substance addiction, spending time living in such a community may reduce your risk of relapse and provide you with the support you need to reach your goal for long-term sobriety.



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