Success Stories

“I really enjoyed my stay at Safety Net. The staff really helped me grow in sobriety. It was great dealing with people that truly cared about recovery as much as them. It was a great asset towards my recovery and a necessity for me to learn and progress in recovery.”

Former Resident

“My experience at Safety Net Recovery has been unbelievable. Steve Herndon and Taylor Hagin show the love and honest desire to give back what was so freely given to them. When the times got tough, Steve, Taylor, Dex, Chuck, and Grant got tougher. Where they could have turned their back, they didn’t.

I’ve found and made some life long friends that I never planned on making. Being a veteran 3/4 way resident, Safety Net was the most positive experience. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Thank you guys so much.

Your friend for life, PW

“Safety Net has been a life changing experience for me. This place and the staff have been like a second family to me. Safety Net has allowed me to get a job and continuously stay clean in a positive living environment. The meeting sheets that we have to get signed helped motivate me from the very start, to keep going to meetings and work a good program.

The community meetings we have every Tuesday are very helpful. If there are any problems with me or others, it has been resolved positively in the meeting. The friendships that you will develop, that I have developed are priceless. Safety Net probably saved my life.”

Thanks you guys!, Former Resident

“I came into 3/4 living almost nine months ago. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and personal growth. Quitting drug use was not nearly as hard as learning how to function in life sober. Staff and resident involvement is what makes this program possible.

Whenever I need a helping hand the staff is there to help process emotions and give feedback. The residents in the community support you so no one has to fight an up hill battle alone. I would highly recommend Safety Net Recovery, LLC to any person looking to live a fulfilling sober life.”

Former Resident

“There’s Steve, there’s Taylor, then there’s Chuck Chris, Dexter, and Chad I Checked out these guys when I needed help I needed help real bad I went in doubtful and long faced yea you could say sad I took up with these fellows some of whom I could even call Dad They seem to be the one the one I never had It seemed at these fellows I could never be mad. Safety Net is the right place for you too, my weary Lad.”

Mark P