About Our Founders

We’re in recovery too. Our story is that of a Marine and a professional football player who met in rehab. During our extremely challenging journey to recovery, we looked at one another and said, “I don’t want to see you die.” From that point on, we kept each other in check and vowed to help others who are struggling just as we had.
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Now, with over 32 years of recovery under our belts, we are still helping others through their journey and sticking with what works: a compassionate community built on top of a spiritual, structured foundation. To check out the members of the team that make this happen on a daily basis, see our staff page.
In order to create a trusting, loving environment, we follow 5 simple principles:
  • Can’t Fight Love = Surrender
  • Truly Blessed = Faith
  • Stay Ready = Willingness
  • All Your Might = Purpose
  • Live w/ Spiritual Significance = Grace
We believe that by following these principles, you build a solid platform to stand upon. This goes for everyone – staff, residents, family, and community.

We Have Been in Your Shoes

We know what it’s like to struggle with addiction. We know what it’s like to deny the fact that you have a problem and to hit rock bottom. Watch this video to learn more about founder Steve Herndon’s road to addiction and recovery.