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Group Meeting Times and Days

Interactive Journaling – Monday – Friday 9am-12pm Office

We have partnered with The Change Companies® to incorporate a motivational, educational, and experiential journaling system into our everyday schedule here at Safety Net. The Interactive Journaling Program is an evidence-based curriculum that rest upon solid research foundation. The primary goal of the Journals is to assist individuals in making lasting life changes.

The Change Companies®
  • Monday – Working the 12 Steps
  • Tuesday – Employment Skills
  • Wednesday – Life Skills
  • Thursday – Relapse Prevention
  • Friday – Process Group
Evening Meetings – Monday – Sunday
  • Monday Adult Community Meeting @ 6pm
  • Tuesday Young Adult Community Meeting @ 5:30pm
  • Wednesday (Optional Bible Study) @ 7pm
  • Thursday Multifamily Group (every other week) @ 7pm
  • 12-Step Meetings Daily
  • Sunday Big Book Study @ 6pm