Drug Testing in Sober Living Facilities

Sober living homes present an opportunity for a person to make a fresh start in a living arrangement with other people who are also trying to achieve and maintain sobriety. The most critical of all stipulations in this living arrangement is sobriety. For this reason, some sober living homes may require drug testing as part Read More


Despite crackdowns on overprescribing, painkiller prescription and abuse rates remain highest in the southeastern United States. According to an article in Scientific American magazine, painkiller prescriptions in the southern states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina are some of the highest in the county—between 96 and 143 prescriptions per 100 people.1 When Read More

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Reflecting on the past six months, you may never have thought you would get here. But with a day-by-day attitude and commitment to your sobriety, you have successfully overcome your addiction and achieved sobriety. While everyone has their own personal motivations for achieving sobriety, one of the greatest benefits to giving up drugs and/or alcohol Read More