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Some individuals do not find the motivation to put themselves through rehabilitation and recovery until an external party stages an intervention that shows them the need to take action. Intercession may occur in a controlled environment with a professional trained in intervention psychology, or it may be done at home by a person’s loved ones. Read More


The most helpful resources for overcoming recovery-related challenges tend to be provided in a community setting. Making connections to people who relate to you and fostering healthy, supportive relationships gives you access to one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your sober lifestyle. It can seem daunting at first to be Read More


Your experiences have the power to inspire hope in others. The storms you have weathered and vanquished may be relatable to many people within the sober living community. Everyone has a story that might inspire a listener, and encouragement means more when it comes from a place of empathy and real understanding. Allowing yourself to Read More


Addiction recovery often focuses on three broad areas of self-development and health: physical, mental, and spiritual. Where physical and mental health might be the “how?” of recovery, spirituality is the “why?” What keeps us going on our journey? What keeps us connected along our paths? What is this all really about? Spirituality is, by nature, Read More

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Too often, a person will have a host of excuses as to why certain approaches to their recovery just won’t work. Recovery groups have coined this perspective as being “terminally unique.” Terminal refers to someone that cannot be cured, while unique means to be unlike anyone else. Those who fall into this category often believe Read More

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Sometimes when a person reaches a brick wall in their recovery efforts related to addiction or mental health issues, they may feel hopeless. While tried and true methods that proved successful in the past are important to keep in your roster, you might need more in order to move to the next level of recovery. Read More