Why We Need Addiction Treatment Facilities

Many people mistakenly believe that when someone has a substance use disorder, willpower alone should be enough for them to stop. People suffering from addiction need much more than a desire to stop. Addiction is a chronic and relapsing disease of the brain and body, much like diabetes or asthma.1 Diseases need professional and personalized treatment for successful results, and a large part of treatment is therapy at an addiction treatment facility.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities provide the foundation for recovery by offering long-term therapies. Since different factors are involved for each person who develops addiction, these individual factors must be addressed in personalized treatment plans to help people stay sober for the long-term.

It’s not just a matter of abstaining from drugs or alcohol; it’s helping people to get in touch with their inner selves so they can explore what led them down the path to addiction in the first place. Customized treatment plans help each individual better understand their behavior patterns and thought processes. Once they do, they can deal with the factors behind the abuse of drugs or alcohol and use this knowledge to prevent a future relapse.

Detox – The Door to a New World

A medically supervised detox deals with the physical aspects of drug or alcohol dependence. Many different substances, when stopped, can trigger the onset of painful and stressful withdrawal symptoms. Detox centers provide medical support to keep clients safe during this process and help control withdrawal symptoms so individuals are as comfortable as possible while undergoing detox.

While detox can be an uncomfortable experience, it also opens up a new world. The drugs and alcohol used to numb feelings and block emotions are no longer present, and new, healthy coping methods are needed. This is the stage where detox staff prepare clients for the next step: addiction treatment facilities.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment Facilities

One of the biggest benefits of being in a treatment center is that you’ll feel like you aren’t alone in your struggle. According to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report, 2.6 million people received substance abuse treatment in 2009.2

Once you’ve entered rehab, you’ll gain:

  • A support system
  • Getting to know others who are experiencing similar situations
  • New relationships with these like-minded people
  • People around you who won’t judge you
  • Personalized treatment

Benefits of Personalized Treatment

Your customized treatment plan gets to the roots of your addiction. You’ll explore issues that pertain to your life’s experiences. In doing so, your plan helps you find closure with issues that contributed to the development of your addiction. Your plan will also teach you coping skills to safely navigate stressful situations in life without compromising your sobriety.

Since addiction is a relapsing disease, addiction treatment facilities give the support to stay sober for the long-term. Personalized aftercare services and relapse prevention plans help you stay on the rewarding journey of recovery.


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